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Agbada:stylish even in a male attire.Ladies can now rock Agbada.

Agbada is now one of the latest fashionable wears for women. It is not just for the male folks of our country but now stylish for women. Women trendsetters and fashion lovers have been rocking agbada attire with heels, gele and even fila.Agbada is a traditional long flowing robe with wide sleeves commonly worn by Yoruba men of southwestern Nigeria. It is often decorated with embroidery and important men like kings and chiefs wear it. It is worn to occasions like wedding and funerals.Although, agbada was worn by older generation while young folks were forced to wear only for festive or cultural reasons. These days, young folks tend to wear agbada more than they do before and has taken it to a completely new level where they even wear it to dinner.
Agbada is sewn with different materials like aso-oke, lace and guinea brocade, which is the best material to sew your agbada.