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5 fashion trends from 2018 that are chic for 2019

5 fashion trends from 2018 that are chic for 2019: Fashion and its trends is very difficult to catch up. This is so as designers are on their toes to release new styles into the market before consumers gets bored. Before you finish wearing/ stocking your wardrobe with the latest trends, another one pops out with a snap of your fingers. It almost seem like its running too fast to reach. (i was still saving to own a Spherical rattan bag trending at the time and before i knew it another better design was out kicking the previous ones out of trend. I am like what?).This makes keeping up to trend with your styles very draining, time consuming and expensive. (Kudos to the slay mamas!). From my own experience it surely pays to observe the trends as they roll out and taking your time to purchase timeless pieces to stock your wardrobe. Lets go down memory lane…. A quick look back to past trends in retrospect show that fashion evolution especially has been quite interesting. Starting with the w…